1.        Our preferred method of receiving communications is now through 13documents. Access to this system can be made via

2.        Effective October 1, 2016, we will only utilize email for communication of information, and certain limited document transmission, i.e., proofs of payment, vehicle purchase requests, and stipulations. All other documents must be redacted and uploaded over 13documents.

3.         Email addresses are as follows:                                           To the attention of:

A. communication on AMC matters            Terry Wall

B. communication on MDC  matters          Vikki Wilson

C. communication on JKF matters               Kevin Cockerham

D. communication on ELF matters               Mary Rohrback

E.  vehicle purchase requests            See above for judge/paralegal

F. 341 continuance requests                  Edie Forbes

Please transmit communications regarding a specific hearing no later than 48 (business) hours before the hearing’s date/time. Any communications received by us later than that may not be considered.

We will make every effort to route correctly any email sent to the incorrect address, but for purposes of dismissal hearings, in particular, if the correct address is not used, we will not consider the document(s) to have been received on a timely basis.


Revised 11/02/16