Notice to Bar

This office has received numerous inquiries about how we will be handling case administration issues, including those involving payments, given the severe impact that the recent pandemic has caused. After much deliberation, we have decided that the fairest way to handle all such situations is to continue on a case-by-case basis. We realize that everyone’s situation is different. Some attorneys have been materially impacted, while others have not. Many debtors have been affected – some temporarily and some permanently. These variations in situations do not lend themselves to broad-brush remedies. Each of our staff attorneys is intimately involved with her/his cases. They are going to continue to monitor those cases and will be available to communicate regarding the relevant circumstances. Motions to dismiss will continue to be filed, but all efforts will be made to be responsive to, and flexible with, specific circumstances. While we will be ready to make accommodations, this should not be construed as a carte blanche for those not adversely affected by the pandemic. If there are questions about a case that cannot be remedied before a hearing date, we urge attorneys to appear (via phone) in court to ensure that appropriate dispositions occur.