As is indicated on the court’s site, chapter 13 lists will continue, albeit telephonically. We’ve been working hard to get our staff operating remotely, but this will take some time. As stated before, we’ll be flexible on continuances. We now have all staff attorneys with remote laptops (paralegals should be soon). You should be able to email the staff attorneys. However, their teams that enable them to appear weekly with up to date information as to payments and documents, etc. are not yet operating remotely, so there will be information gaps. The attorneys are doing the best they can to maintain communications, but if you have any concerns about your cases, please call in to the lists in court, as instructed on the court’s site. That way you can hear the case called and provide input.

Continue to use 13documents to upload case documents to us. The staff attorneys should be able to access remotely.

The next scheduled 341 date is 4/1. We’ll work to maintain that date, but any further hearings will be telephonic. We have been provided with conference lines so that attorneys and debtors can call in from separate locations. We’ll provide further info about the procedures in advance of the date. We understand that many of the trustees are using Skype or Zoom. We currently have Skype capabilities so this may be used at some point.

NOTICE – 341 Update 3/19/2020

As recently noted, the United States Trustee will soon be providing conference lines for us to implement all-telephonic Section 341 meetings. Until that is activated, we will be continuing 341 meetings to later dates. Specifically, the 341 meetings we had previously scheduled for Monday, March 23, 2020, will be continued to Monday, May 4, 2020; the meetings scheduled for Wednesday, March 25, 2020, will be continued to Monday, May 18, 2020. These continuances will be noted on the court’s docket.

Please continue to check this site and the court’s docket for updates. We have also been sending out email “blasts” to attorneys whose email addresses we have. If you have NOT been receiving these and would like to, email us at, and let us know. Note, however, that the information in those messages will also be posted on this site.

NOTICE – 341 Update

The United States Trustee will soon be providing conference lines for us to implement all-telephonic Section 341 meetings. Until that, and the related procedures, are implemented, we will be continuing 341 meetings to later date(s) to be determined. Please log in to this site for further updates. Thanks for your patience. 

The following is provided in the interest of keeping parties informed:

The chapter 13 office is working with a severely reduced staff. We’re attempting to get increasing numbers of our staff working remotely, but this will take some time. We suggest that you use the email contact sites provided on this website to communicate with our office. Someone may not always be answering the phone.

We will attempt to handle previously scheduled 341 meetings via video procedures, as previously advised on this site.

Based upon the court’s recently issued standing order, we will be participating at the weekly court listings telephonically, as will all others.

It is our intention to grant and/or recommend continuances liberally during this uncertain period.



Historically, our case information could be accessed via [National Data Center] or [Chapter 13 Trustee Online Case Status System].

As of December 31, 2019, we will only be providing information via the National Data Center site. Those who have not yet registered on that site can do so at the internet address provided above.

Since this office provides the information, it is identical on both sites, except that the graphical formats are different. We suggest you begin using the NDC site at your earliest convenience, to facilitate the transition.

NOTICE – Trustee Commission

Effective October 1, 2019, the trustee commission in cases assigned to William C. Miller will be 7.3%, which will be collected on plan payments as they are received.

As we have always recommended, for plan confirmation purposes, please calculate the fee at the ten (10) percent statutory maximum, to avoid having plans which become underfunded due to possible percentage fee changes.



(a) Redacted Filings. Unless the court orders otherwise, in an electronic or paper filing made with the court that contains an individual’s social-security number, taxpayer-identification number, or birth date, the name of an individual, other than the debtor, known to be and identified as a minor, or a financial-account number, a party or nonparty making the filing may include only:

(1) the last four digits of the social-security number and taxpayer-identification number;

(2) the year of the individual’s birth;

(3) the minor’s initials; and

(4) the last four digits of the financial-account number.

In addition, the redaction should include insurance policy numbers. Note that many homeowners’ policies include mortgage-loan account information.